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Tuesday, September 4, 2012



I knew the weight loss would bring several changes; the obvious one being physical.  However, I have undergone so many emotional and mental changes in the last few weeks, that I'm struggling to find myself again. 

Before I continue to sound dramatic, allow me to reassure everyone (including myself) that I've NEVER been this happy.  Shopping has become more than an addiction (I need an intervention PRONTO!), and seeing myself in the mirror every morning and night is now a necessity.  I have lost more inches than pounds in the last month or so, but I'm not complaining.  I'm down to a size 10-12...but still get a way with using a few of my tighter 14's.  I'm a Medium/Large in all shirts and mo' XL's!!!  My workouts are still religiously 3-4 times a week (I even started the Tapout XT videos at home in addition to my Muay Thai sessions).  I'm a WORKOUTholic to say the least.

Back to my emotional and mental changes....

I sometimes breakdown when I think of how much bigger I was.  It's hard to look at old pictures and think that I THOUGHT I was happy.  I find it hard to open up about this to anyone because I don't think they'll understand me.  I do have tears of joy too.  I'm much healthier, happier, and SMALLER!!  Mentally, I sometimes still think I'm that big.  I look at a few things at the store and think, "That definitely doesn't fit, it's too small," then VOILA! it fits!! I want to drop another two or three sizes if possible.  I know I want to be out of the double digits (i.e 1-0, 1-2, etc).  I think a healthy 8 or even a 6 would make for a perfect size (for my body). 

The journey has only just begun for me.  I'm currently at 6.3 cc's and it's HARD!!  I need to chew more and eat a lot slower than I already was.  I've only thrown up ONCE since I got the band back in January, I plan to keep it that way.  We'll see what the rest of this year brings.  I'm hoping to be 170 by December.  That's a whole 18 pounds...but I know I can do it. 

So there you have it.  A full update after over a month.  Here's a before and current progress picture....

On that note: 
"Train like a beast, look like a BEAUTY."

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have officially become a workaholic.  I am working a minimum of 64 hours a week.  Am I exhausted? Yep.  Am I still doing my 2 hour Muay Thai workout 3-4 times a week? YEP!! I gotta tell you though, I've never been this happy!! I'm down 48 pounds since December and feel FABULOUS!!

There's so much that I have to share from the last month but I'll just cover the main points.

I got another now I'm at 6.1cc's.  I am eating A LOT less!!!! It's only a bit challenging when I'm in a hurry and don't seem to have 30+ minutes to eat a regular meal.  I can see the differences though.  Although sometimes I feel hungrier than before, I have a bite and I'm full!!  We'll see how my next appt turns out.

On another note...I'm down to a size 12.  14's are doable (I'm still wearing some of my old jeans), but they're not form fitting.  I look at myself in the mirror and still find it hard to believe that I'm so much thinner.  People are definitely able to tell now and they make sure to point it out to me.  I still haven't told family that I got the band...most of my co-workers already know though.  It's just easier for them to know because they see me every day and know my tiny portions fill me. 

I am headed to Las Vegas this weekend.  I expect to drink a lot and eat very little.  I know, I's NOT the right thing to do BUT it IS Vegas ;)

All in all....I'm LOOOOOVING the new me!! I'm so happy I decided to get the band and would gladly do it all over again if I had the choice.

I'll post Vegas pictures next month.  For now, here's a picture from two weeks ago at the Hello Kitty Dodger game against the New York Mets.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Adjusting, Exercising, Living.

It's been such an awesome month!! I'm still under 200...196 to be exact.  I am definitely enjoying the perks of being smaller.  I am working out an average of 8-10 hours a week while working 50-64 hours at the big J-O-B.  I couldn't be happier.  I am juggling everything very well and still find time for family, friends, and ME.  It's amazing how much a few pounds off does for the mind and soul.  I enjoy this life SO much more!!!

My favorite new part about the weight loss??  Wearing sky high heels!!! I always "hated on" those girls that wore the cute heels and pulled off great outfits.  It feels amazing to finally be able to do that.  I can shop anywhere now and actually find a size that fits.  I always loved fashion...I just couldn't be a part of it as freely.  So here I am...lighter, happier, and sexier ;)

This is my before and NOW picture.  I am about half way through my goal weight.  I don't think I can fully picture myself at 145 lbs yet...I'm loving 196 too much! LOL

December and May

My Thai boxing is still in play...I love it more and more each day.  After seeing these results, it's safe to say that I'm addicted.  I have much better conditioning now and it's only been seven weeks since I started.  I have most of the equipment (hand wraps, gloves, shin guards, mouth guard, and oil for bruises) already...I'm fully committed.  I want to make it more than just a workout- I want to make it a hobby.  I think this has also helped me feel more confident; physically and mentally.  And so, the journey continues and so does my passion for life. 

“I want to grow old without face lifts. I want to have the
courage to be loyal to the face I have made.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No mo' 200's!!!!!!!

Yes, I am officially out of the 200's!!! I don't know how long it's been since I last looked down and saw a ONE at the beginning of that cruel three digit number.  I got a fill last week.  I'm now at 5.6 cc's.  I think it's easier now that I'm almost at 6.  When I was at 3.6 cc's I felt VERY little restriction.  I ate too much and was still struggling with my addiction to food. 

I am still doing Muay Thai 2-4 times a week.  To say I love it is an understatement.  I have so much more to learn and to get better at, but I already feel a difference.  I can do my sit ups with much more ease...which means-- this belly is slowly disappearing!!

I am thrilled with this new lifestyle!! I almost want to yell it at the top of my lungs to the world and spread the joy that lives within.  I would gladly pay another $16,000 just to experience this freedom.  I have another 50+ pounds to go, but I have a feeling it's only going to get more fun from here on out. 

My trip to New York was a huge success.  I did almost everything on my to do list.  Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Diego Rivera exhibition, New Jersey (Carlo's Bakery), Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Madame Tussaud's, pizza, cheesecake, bagels, etc!!  Eating was a challenge.  I think I ate too much during those four days.  Luckily, I didn't gain a single pound.  (I actually lost 1 lb)...I have plans to go back next year.  I need to experience a Broadway show and the fabulous nightlife! ;)

So there you have it...I'm happy, healthy, progressing, and am having the time of my life in this new skin!  I'm excited to get to the finish line and see the complete transformation.  Here are a few pictures from New York...enjoy!

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and
the thrill of creative effort."
-Franklin Roosevelt

Friday, April 20, 2012

Muay Thai- Thai Boxing

The last month has been pretty interesting.  I'm finally getting a day off (I've been working non-stop...7 days a week...since February 6th) and that makes me very happy :)

I recently started Muay Thai which is Thai boxing.  It's a COMPLETE workout.  I train for about 2 hours a night...4-5 nights a week.  It's an amazing workout and I'm learning about self defense.  I haven't lost much weight in the last month but I definitely see myself shrinking.  I want to focus on toning my body as each pound is shed. 
My next fill is in two weeks (when I come back from New York).  I hope they take me up to 6 cc's.  I want to see a bigger difference in the next few months.  People have already started noticing that I'm slimmer, but I have a LOOOONG way to go. 

I'll keep you all posted on my fill appointment.  Today's weigh-in: 203.7.  I'm less than 5 pounds away from a HUGE milestone.  I can't remember when I was last under 200.  To celebrate: a new tattoo!!! (details to come)

p.s. I got these awesome new heels!!! and I plan on breaking them in tomorrow night at Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots" play!! (let's hope I don't stumble and fall lol)
Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.
-Benjamin Franklin

Sunday, March 25, 2012

MIAMI Graduation, 3 pounds, and work!

TWENTY days.  That's how long it's taken me to get back on here and give a quick update.  However....

I'm officially a Masters graduate!!!

The trip was short and exhausting!!! After working 31 days straight, I took a red eye to Miami Thursday night and was non stop till I got back on Sunday.  I feel so fortunate for the experience and thrill of walking that stage.  I know my Daddy is shining down on me from heaven....happy for ALL that I've achieved in the last few months.

I feel so much slimmer now...and they say pictures speak volumes so here goes...Here are two SCARY before pictures.  I'm not proud of either one, but I am in awe of how far I've come in the last three months. 

It's a hard pill to swallow when you face pictures like this.  I can't say I didn't have fun but looking back, I just wonder how I could live in peace in that size.  Both of these were taken in the last 8 years.  It's safe to say that I've been a big girl for a pretty LONG time.  I'm slowly becoming the woman I've always dreamed of being and it feels pretty darn good!!! =)

I haven't lost a lot since I got my first fill.  I've lost three pounds since I last posted.  My eating choices haven't been the best but I do manage to have my 65 grams of protein a day and workout at least 4-5 times a week (when I don't do all 7 days).  I'm finally jogging but I might have to change my workout a bit in the next few weeks.  (I'm playing tennis tomorrow!! Always a fun workout). 

Work has been pretty insane but I don't let it wear me down completely.  I still manage to workout before or after my 8 or 12 hour shift. 

Here are a few recent pics from nights out ;)

So there you have it...I'm at 205 and very happy.  I am going to New York at the end of April and I plan on being under 200 by then.  Wish me luck!!!

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments."
-Jim Rohn

Monday, March 5, 2012


It's hard to believe that someone can physically reach complete exhaustion but I'm here to say that I'm borderline there.  I have worked 28 consecutive days (including a few 12 hour and back-to-back shifts).  I have 3 days to go before I have a few days off.  Did I mention I still workout almost every day and am now running over half a mile non-stop?  Yup, pretty ridiculous but very possible. 

I've lost a few more pounds.  I'm about 207 (when I weigh-in in the morning).  When I got my fill last week, I got 3.6cc.  I had 1cc in there from surgery.  The PA said I lost 5 lbs on 1cc in a month.  Not too bad considering it was only 1cc.

I'm off to Miami on Thursday night.  Graduation is Saturday and I'll be back on Sunday....QUICK trip =D

On a weight-loss note, I feel FABULOUS!!! My old clothes no longer fit.  I've bought quite a few outfits and they're all Medium and Large.  No mo' XL and XXL ;)

I'll post a few pictures next week.  I have a long, busy week ahead of me...and some lbs to lose =)

"Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues."