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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Liquid diet- Day TWO!!

Well day two was a lot easier.  I have fought off temptations pretty well but more than that- I've already lost 6.7 pounds!!! Kinda crazy right?  I'm only supposed to lose 10 before my surgery and I still have 15 days before that.

I'm still taking my vitamins: B Complex, Multi-vitamin, and iron.  Urgh.  I'm not crazy about vitamins but luckily, I haven't forgotten to take them.  Now I have to remember that I have to take vitamins for the rest of my life.  Small price to pay though ;)

Seeing this small weight loss has definitely put me in the zone....yay!!! I can't wait to shop freely and without the burden of "will this fit me?" or "do you have this in a bigger size?"  I'm excited (to say the least) and have every intention on embracing this new life.  A very HAPPY life. 

On that note: "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."


  1. So, you have to do liquids only for the whole 2 weeks? Big ups, to you bc my 2 days of liquids pre-op was a challenge for me.

  2. Hi! New follower. LBG sent me over. Looking forward to following your journey!

  3. Hello (waving, like a dork), New Follower. LBG sent me over.
    These two weeks will be tough and it will be tough for a week or two after surgery too. Butit will be worth it.

  4. Welcome to the band community!!

  5. Hey! Welcome to the banded blogging world LBG sent me over and i'm a new follower:)
    Look at the great start you already have to a wonderful journey!

  6. Thank you all!!!! =D I'm soo happy for these changes!! I've already set in my mind that I won't have food for a month. Small price to pay ;)

  7. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Im not banded but I had the RNY gastric bypass surgery, but still on the same journey! Wishing you all the best!