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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Progress...or lack thereof

I don't know if it's because I haven't gotten my first fill, but I am not losing as much weight as I would want to.  I feel like going back on the liquid protein diet to jumpstart the weightloss but I also love and enjoy food.  Urgh...anyone out there have or had the same problem?

I must admit though...I am loving the new body.  I feel so much more comfortable in my clothes.  I am still in between sizes but I no longer struggle to buy anything at the stores.  Recently I bought a denim shirt- size LARGE.  I don't think even an XXL would have fit back in December.  I do see myself shrinking.  My shoes fit loose, my rings fall off, and I can slide my Tiffany bracelet off.  It's the little things that stand out to me.  I have lost a good portion of the belly but still have massive thighs and arms that will need a lot of work at the gym. 
The denim shirt at my friend's art event- 02/02/12

Speaking of, did anyone have a hard time toning?  Have any of you considered a tummy tuck?  Or did the excess skin mold with your new body on its own?

On a happy note: I adopted a puppy this week!! He's beyond adorable and loving.  I went to the nearest pound and saw the cutest 3 month old terrier.  He was as happy as could be despite being behind ugly bars, sleeping on a cold floor, and having two other roommates.  I named him WHISKEY (yes, alcohol was my inspiration).  I have faith that he will be the perfect therapy for my mother.  My dad passed away 7 months ago and after spending over 30 years with him, she needs a cheerful companion to help her cope.

I had just picked him up from the animal hospital (he was neutered) - 02/04/12

Whiskey and Taquito (my 7 1/2 year old baby) -02/05/12

Back to lapband land--- I'm sure the next few weeks before my first fill will continue to be challenging.  I still get hungry but I get full with just a few bites.  Fast forward two hours and I'm hungry again....and so the cycle continues day in and day out.  Slowly but surely, the weight is coming off though.  I have to remain positive and assertive with all these changes- both mentally and physically.

"The road to success is always under construction."
-Lily Tomlin


  1. #1: Cute boots!
    #2: Do you have a realize band or lap band?

    1. Thank you!! I have the realize band :)

  2. Things will definitely start getting easier when you get fills. Just stick with it. You've already come so far and you're looking great!

  3. Looking good! Whiskey and Taquito are adorable by the way :o)