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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WORK, WORKing out, and FIRST fill tomorrow!!

Sorry.  I know it's been 16 days since I last posted.  I have been working for 15 days straight and have been working out for 13 of those.  I think I mentioned it before but just in case....I really like to push my body beyond its limit.  I will probably work for the remainder of the month and some of March (without taking a day off).  Crazy right?  Yup.  That's me =)

I plan to continue working out as well.  I am doing two miles a day with a few hills and some neverending stairs (please see pictures below).  I've even started running a bit!!

I'm excited for my first fill tomorrow.  I was told I would be given 4cc's.  I'm so new to this that I don't really know how much it is but I know the total is 10, therefore, I am looking at a drastic change from here on out.  My scars are healing nicely.  They're still very visible and there is still some glue residue but I don't want to scrub just yet.  I am only massaging the area around the scars.  Fortunately, I don't feel pain anymore (only when I eat too fast and don't wait my five minutes between bites). 

I am now at 210.  That's a whole 29 pounds from when I first weighed myself at the orientation class in December.  I'm sure after I get my first fill, I will start seeing a quicker weight loss.  To be honest, I don't want to lose weight too fast.  I want to tone as I drop the weight.  I'm scared at the thought of having too much excess skin and needing surgery later. 

I'm really focused right now though and plan to continue this journey with dedication.  My life has changed in so many ways. I'm grateful for each pound lost and every new feeling gained. 

March will be a very memorable month for me.  I am flying out to Miami to walk the stage and receive my MBA in International Business.  (I will also face the challenge of being a new bandster on a mini vacation- any tips?)

Here is the cap I'll be rockin' ;) and the tickets to the ultimate show!!

To say I'm excited is an understatement.  I prayed that 2012 would be MY year and so's turning out to be one to remember!!

"Growth is the only evidence of life." 
~John Henry


  1. Good job on the working out! Hope your fill went well. And wow...congrats on your MBA!

  2. Amazing on your working out!! I am finally banded and just got the clear to start moving and I haven't. I need a kick start. Your post was very motivating!! And way to go on yoru MBA!! So exciting :) 2012 is off to a fantastic start.