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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Big day tomorrow!!!

I almost forgot to post before the surgery!!! So I'm doing this from my phone.

First of all, Milk of Magnesia- sooo not cute!! I've been in the bathroom all evening!!! The nerves are settling in and I have everything packed for tomorrow. I'm literally in the bathroom about to shower with the anti-septic soap. The day is finally here!!!!

Please say a little prayer for me. It'll be my first surgery and anesthesia experience. I'm hoping everything will be fine and if possible, I'll update tomorrow night or Thursday morning. Thank you all again for the support. Most of my friends don't know about this and I haven't told anyone in the family except for my mom and brother. Have a great night!! I gotta be up at 3am!!

"You never know how strong you are...until being strong is the only choice you have."



  1. You'll do great !! :) bring big stretchy pants to wear home from the hospital

  2. Thank you!! They're packed and ready to go! The binder will make me a bit bulkier...can't wait to start the process already!

  3. Good luck! Remember to get up and walk as much as you can it will help with the gas.

  4. Vanessa is always beating me to the punch! Make sure and walk :) good luck! This is pretty much one of the only things worth getting up @3 am for.

  5. Thank you both!!! Walking I shall ;) I'm in the waiting room...7:30am couldn't come faster.

  6. Good luck!!!! By now you are probably banded!! Can't wait to read thru your journey as I am right behind you :)

  7. Good luck for your surgery. Everything will be fine :)