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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lesson learned!!

So here I am thinking that I could still drink a little more than I should and now I have a cute little pain in my lower chest area.  I drank too much of the soup too fast!! I can't even describe this pain but I definitely know it's from me drinking THREE spoonfuls of broth without waiting my 5 minutes in between.  Sigh...lesson learned.

I successfully showered by myself today.  TMI, right?  Well I just had to share.  It's a huge accomplishment considering I can't do much on my own right now aside from sitting at my desk and typing away.

Plans for tonight?  MOVIE night!! A girl's gotta have her movie nights ;) On the itinerary: The Help and Bridesmaids.  Yes, I own both and have never watched either one >_< Hopefully that'll help keep my mind off the discomfort and take in some quality time with one of my closest girlfriends.  The only thing missing?  Wine.  Soon my pretty, soon.  I also want to go for a walk around the block.  I think it'll help to leave the house for a bit. 

Oh and I gave in to some medicine last night.  I'm supposed to take 15ml but I only took 8.  I really only wanted it to knock me out because I've had a horrible sleeping pattern since Wednesday.  Success!! I slept from 9pm to 5:30 this morning.  Not bad ;)

Okay....last thing for today: I'm down to 223.8!!!! I've got a LOOOONG way to go but I'm slowly making progress. 

Have a wonderful weekend!! I'm sure I'll update again tomorrow or Monday (since I don't have to be back to work till Tuesday). 

For all of you that are banded, how long did you wear your binder?  Were you able to go back to work within a week?  How well did you adjust in your work environment post op?  Any tips are greatly appreciated- Thanks!!!

"I will not lose, for even in defeat, there's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me." ---Jay-Z


  1. I never had to wear a binder. I went back to work after 1 week and did fine. I did get really tired the first few days, but other than that no problems. I was most worried about eating at work, so be sure you are prepared for what foods you will take with you. And get plenty of rest while you can :)

    1. Thank you!! I always took lunch to work so now I just have to better coordinate my snacks and meal times. Thanks again!!

  2. I never had a binder either. I was also back to work within a week and like Barbie got weak pretty quickly..take it easy and don't rush yourself.

    1. Great advice...thank you!! I have a hard time slamming on the breaks when I need to but I'll be sure to take it easy for a few weeks.

  3. Glad you're feeling better! I think a girl's night is just what you need! :)

  4. you're the first person I've ever heard of that has to wear a binder! everyone is different about going back to work. some people bounce up like a frickin bunny and go to work within a few days. just follow what your body says and go with it. it also depends on the type of work and how active you are.